CGoban + GNUGo for Zaurus Clamshell

Unable to find a decent go for the my Zaurus c860 I decided to create my own from CGoban and GNUGo.

Here is what I did find:

This port has only been tested with Cacko/Qt 1.21 on my c860 with X/qt for X11, more information about Cacko/Qt can be found at

The included GNUGo is probably no different than any other, I built it for the sake of building it.  If you prefer another just place it in /usr/local/bin.

The CGoban has been patched to provide the following features:

New screen layout:


CGoban + GNUGo compiled for Clamshell Zaurus w/ Cacko 1.21 and X/qt xqt-cgoban-gnugo_1.9.14-3.4_arm.ipk
Documentation for above xqt-cgoban-gnugo-doc_1.9.14-3.4_arm.ipk
My patch to CGoban (very ugly, was a rush job) cgoban-1.9.14.zaurus.patch
GNUGo source
CGoban source


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