Little Johnny

One day in class the teacher said "today we are each going to take turns drawing parts of a picture on the blackboard and we'll see what sort of picture we end up, who wants to go first?"
Little Johnny raised his hand "Oh, please let me go teacher"
Well the teacher wasn't about to let little Johnny go first "he'll just draw something dirty" she thought to herself. She called on Mary to start the picture and this is what she drew:

"What a lovely little house you drew Mary" exclaimed the teacher "now who wants to go next?"
Little Johnny raised his hand "Oh, please let me go next teacher"
"I can't let Johnny go next" thought the teacher, "he'll just draw something dirty"
So the teacher picked Lisa to come up and add something to the drawing and this is what she drew:

"Oh how lovely" said the teacher, "there's the sun shining down and melting the icicles on the roof. Now who wants to go next"
Little Johnny was practically jumping out of his seat with excitement now, "please can I go next teacher?"
"I don't see how he can make anything dirty out of that" thought the teacher so she let Johnny go next and here is what he drew:

"What in the world is that Johnny?" asked the teacher.
Johnny smiled with pride and said "that's daddy in the shower bending over to pick up the soap"

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