Fun Stuff!


Great Moments in Sports Painful, embarrassing and, most importantly, trashy pictures from the world of sports

Little Johnny

Buyer Beware a picture is worth ...

Road Kill another picture from this amazing world we live in.

Exam week yet another

Practice your verbal skills Vocal exercise that is much better than "the rain in spain .."

Virtual Digital Camera Amazing new technology, I can't believe it actually works.

Maintenance write-ups Real (?) maintenance write-ups from US Navy flight crews

Don't put your cart before the horse ... er, mule ... or whatever

Confusius say ... Ancient Chinese wisdom

How to read Japanese characters

Many Questions

How to determine the sex of your unborn child

GM's latest sales gimmick it's just a joke - please don't try this at home.

Stoopid Story

A bit of Sad News!

Cuckoo Story True? Probably not but it should be.

George Carlin a small sample from his book, Brain Droppings (run right out and buy it!)

London Motorcycle Cop in an embarrassing predicament

Computer Industry compared to Auto Industry Reads like an Urban Legend but I suppose it could be true.

New Breakfast Cereal

Save the Whales

Ever wonder how to use all those tools in your garage?

Mr. Rogers talks to "a guy who plays the bass" *** LARGE FILE *** 824kb - requires an mp3 player such as WinAmp

Silly advertisement for a Stereo shop ***LARGE FILE***170kb - requires an mp3 player such as WinAmp

Amazing Card Trick Try it, you'll be amazed!

Flat tire True story as told by Bob Ellis

Christmas story - the tradition of a little angle on top of the tree

My son, Shawn, being a typical teenage boy


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